Two Great Tastes That Don’t Taste Great Together

I am fond of saying: “I like my chocolate, my coffee, and my beer dark.”

I love chocolate – a lot. I love coffee – a lot. So it’s a bit of mystery to me why I’m not wild about mochas. (Top Pot has an Ovaltine mocha that I like, but I’ll typically order a soy latte instead.)

I love dark beer. I enjoy Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. The first time I bought a bottle, I thought “chocolate” was used figuratively. Then I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised that it really does have dark chocolate in it. It is quite yummy.

I stopped into QFC on my way home today, to pick up milk, hamburger buns, and chicken. I stopped by the beer aisle and was excited to discover Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout, from Kiuchi Brewery. (I checked the label – espresso is not used figuratively.) Two tastes I love, together. Cool! It should be like Coca-Cola BlaK, with a kick. I brought a bottle home, took a sip, and – yuk! I won’t be buying a second bottle. Maybe the problem is that it has too much espresso, and it overpowered the beer. Or maybe stout beer and espresso just don’t belong together.