Why OneBusAway Is On Speed Dial

The 60 to take me home today was about 15 minutes late. At that point, I called OneBusAway and learned that the 60 was due in 16 minutes. I should have started walking home, but a strange mindset takes over in a situation like that. I’d already waited a half hour, and to start walking now would only make me later getting home. (I realize that makes no sense, but that’s how the mindset works.) There’s also a feeling of defeat: I’m not going to wait this long only to give up. (Which also makes no sense.)

Instead of walking home, I called OneBusAway again and chose the stop I’d bookmarked on route 9. The 9 was due in 9 minutes. I had plenty of time to walk there. The 9 showed up on time and took me home.

Now that the weather’s getting cooler, I should start walking home more often.