One Book Closes, Another Opens

Phillip and I watched Lilo & Stitch last night. I’m glad Phillip thought to look for the DVD on Broadway Video’s shelves. I’m not a fan of Disney movies of the last 20 years or so, but Lilo & Stitch is unlike most Disney movies. It’s sweet, but not overly so. It’s exaggerated, but not over the top. It’s beautiful to look at. And the music fits the story.

When Lilo & Stitch was first released, Phillip and I wondered how Gladys Night’s Little Pip, Squeak found her way into Disney Studios. Stitch was Squeak – same ears, same eyes, same teeth, and mostly, the same anarchist personality. Last night, Phillip and I laughed because the movie is funny, but also because every time Stitch destroyed something, or whenever he’d try to bite someone, one of us would yell “Squeak!” in a scolding tone.

I finished Neuromancer today. I enjoyed it, even thought the plot lost me toward the end. (Later, I turned to the plot synopsis in Wikipedia to pick up on a few points I missed.) It didn’t help that I rushed through the last dozen or so pages. The book expired today, I wasn’t sure what time today it would expire, and there’s no way to renew an eBook from our library. But I made it to the end during my first break at work today.

It’s fun to read a book as influential as Neuromancer, and see where terms like “cyberspace”, and concepts like jacking into the matrix, came from.

During my second break this afternoon, I checked on the library web site to see if my copy of Neuromancer had returned itself yet. I discovered that it expires tomorrow – not today. I also discovered that my hold on The Martian, by Andy Weir, is “In Transit”.

On my commute home today, I decided that if a 43 or 49 arrived before the 47, I’d stop by the library – just in case my hold was there, even though it probably wouldn’t arrive this quickly. Otherwise, I’d ride the 47 home, and check at the library later.

A 47 arrived at the stop at the same time I did. So I’ll check at the library later.

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