Setting Free

I rode the 49 to the U District with Phillip this morning. We exited at the same stop and walked in opposite directions toward our jobs. As I walked across campus, I had fond memories of when those cross-campus walks formed the basis of this blog. This morning’s walk was different, however. It was a cold, dark, drizzly morning – just the type of morning that would cause me to avoid a walk across campus and take the 43 instead. There were no squirrels out, and I had no peanuts in my bag.

I finished the majority of my documentation, and uploaded what I had to the server. I let my coworkers, and my supervisor, know that the documents were there, that it was a work in progress, and that more documentation would be uploaded soon. There was a moment, or two, when I didn’t want to share it. This was my work, I was proud of it. I knew that, sooner or later, people will start taking it upon themselves to edit, correct, or add to this documentation – with various styles of writing. Soon, this will no longer be my work. There was a brief moment when I considered uploading it as a PDF file, rather than a Word file, so it couldn’t be edited. But then I realized that would be defeating the purpose. The whole point of this project was to document a process, and processes change, and documents need to change with it. I created it, I’ve set it free, and it will evolve.

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