I did nothing yesterday. Well, I did nothing except wash dishes, play on the computer, and read. I ignored both of my blogs. I didn’t leave the apartment. Even when Phillip wanted to go to Target, I sent him off without me. I was just in that kind of mood.

I finished The Martian last night. It’s not due back at the library for another 14 days (you can tell I loved the book, since I finished it so quickly) so I suggested to Phillip that he read it. It wasn’t a tough sell. When I got home today, he told me how far he’d gotten into the book. I have no doubt he’ll finish it in 14 days.

I received an email from Barbara this morning, reminding us that Writers’ Group is this Sunday. It’s usually on the second Sunday of each month, but this month it’s on the first Sunday. I hadn’t forgotten that, but I’d forgotten that this Sunday is the first Sunday. I wish I’d spent part of yesterday writing.

I finished my documentation at work today. My supervisor seemed pleased. I told her it’s done, except for fixing any errors, and any updates when the processes change. “Let’s put it this way,” I told her, “It’s done but it’s not finished.”

I have an ongoing fascination with “The moon landing was a hoax” theories. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s interesting to me that people have put so much work, and so much thought, into analyzing every little detail of every photo. Today, by chance, I ran across that classic “Why is the flag waving if there’s no wind on the moon?” question. Today, a response question popped into my mind for the first time: “Why would there be wind blowing in a studio?”. Maybe the explanation is out there.

One of the freebies that Phillip and I received at the start of Emerald City ComiCon was a coupon for four free eBooks from Kobo. I redeemed my coupon Saturday night. When I uploaded my four books to my eReader, there were suddenly six eBooks. That didn’t surprise me very much. When I got that free steampunk book, Aeroparts Factory, there was an additional eBook uploaded with it. That additional eBook, Tiger, by Tash Aw, was obviously promotional material – the title page said something about it being produced exclusively for Kobo. (Why not? Get a free book, get promotional material.)

When Phillip redeemed his coupon on Sunday, and uploaded his free eBooks, he got his four eBooks – with no additional eBooks. We both wondered why me, and not him.

I was continuing to wonder about it today. Those two additional eBooks don’t seem like promotional material – they seem like regular novels. I had a mystery on my hands, and it worried me a little. I checked my email receipt. It showed four eBooks, purchased with a 100% off coupon.

Today, during lunch, I wrote to Kobo’s customer support. I asked three questions: Why did I get these two addition eBooks? Was I charged for them? Why didn’t Phillip get the same deal for using the same coupon?  (I added that I didn’t want to complain about receiving free eBooks, but I just want to know why I received them.) The web site says I should receive a response in 24 to 48 hours.

3 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. About the flag waving in a studio. Good point, never thought about that.

    But, I imagine, the flag was created to look like it’s waving. On the moon, or otherwise.

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