The First Of April

I don’t usually give April Fool’s Day much attention these days. I think I’ve become jaded by how overdone it’s become, with every single blog, company, and news source producing a joke article. I feel that things are funnier when they’re not expected. So, I don’t pull April Fool’s pranks myself. I just don’t feel like it.

Despite feeling that way, I had a burst of inspiration this morning. As soon as I got to my desk, I sent out an email to my four immediate coworkers, including Elena. The subject line was: “Congratulations Elena!” The message read: “This was certainly good news. I have enjoyed working with you. We will all miss you.”

The strange thing was that Elena came to my desk before she read her email. After chatting a while, she told me that she was thinking about sending an April Fool’s email saying that she had quit, but that she had decided against it.

What I didn’t know, when I sent that email, was the one of the four coworkers had called in sick. She won’t discover the email until at least tomorrow.

I also didn’t know that another coworker was working on First Hill. He sent a frantic email back, wanting to know what had happened. I emailed him back: “As Mr. T would say, ‘What day is it, fool?'”

My little joke went off well, possibly because my coworkers weren’t expecting it.

Last night, I decided that I had to get at least some of the second part of my story written down before Writers’ Group. I started writing, with only a vague idea of where the story was going. To my surprise the words came easily. I got a lot written last night. I got just as much written this evening. I think I’ve reached a good stopping point, if there’s going to be a third part. Or, I could decide that I’m close enough to the end to finish the story before Sunday.

Meanwhile, I’m not surprised that Phillip is racing through The Martian. He’s a guy that read an entire Harry Potter book in a weekend. He’ll be done well before the book is due back.

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