Mystery Upon Mystery

In September, 2012, I wrote a post about what I called, and still call, the “secret menu” of bus routes. I wondered, then, how many unmarked reroutes (or routes) there are in Seattle, known only to those who know where to look. Well, I may have found another one.

Yesterday, Phillip sent me a text message, asking me to remind him to look up route 68 when he got home. Specifically, he was looking for a quick way to get from Roosevelt Avenue to Montlake Boulevard. Of course, I couldn’t resist the chance to do some research.

When Phillip got home, I told him that I was sorry to report that route 68 does not go to Roosevelt. No, Phillip replied, he’d seen a 68 on Roosevelt. Well, I said, it may have been deadheading to the route, because according to the map, it starts and ends at the university campus. No, insisted Phillip, there’s a bus stop there, with 68 on its sign.

I turned to OneBusAway. Yes, the stop on Roosevelt, at 42nd Street, lists the 68 stopping there every half hour, from 6:58 am to 5:54 pm. Today, I confirmed that with Google Maps. If all you saw was Metro’s map, you’d never know you could catch the 68 on Roosevelt. I sure didn’t.

As I was waiting for a bus home this evening, I saw a Duck go by. There’s nothing unusual in that. I see The Ducks go by, full of tourists, all the time as I’m waiting for a bus to take me up the hill. This one was unusual in that it had only one passenger.  The captain was going through the full routine, making lots of noise. The solo passenger was getting into it, waving her arms and screaming right along. I wondered: Did this woman charter a Duck all by herself? Or did the rest of the passengers somehow depart early?

I rode the 43 up to Broadway, where Phillip was waiting for me. We walked to Blue Moon Burgers for dinner.

We went to Blue Moon last Wednesday, excited to see what the new Burger of the Month was. The BOM sign was missing. We asked about it at the counter, and were told that Blue Moon had stopped doing a Burger of the Month, and would be doing a Weekly Special every Thursday instead. We were only slightly disappointed. The regular menu is still very good, and all burgers are still half-priced every Wednesday.

We walked into Blue Moon Burgers this evening. The Burger of the Month sign was back. This month’s BOM is a “Spring Chicken” – a chicken burger with Swiss cheese. The Side of the Month is garlic Parmesan tots, and I forgot what the Shake of the Month is. Plus, a sign on the counter announced the Weekly Special.  I forgot the name and the details, but it was a bison burger.

I had the Burger of the Month. Phillip had the Weekly Special.

Over dinner, Phillip had a theory about the lone Duck rider. Perhaps, he said, the captain was in training. That seems like a likely theory to me.

Last night, I received a patient satisfaction survey about my five-hour ER visit. I filled it out online, and let the hospital know how displeased I was. I hated to have to do it, but I felt better afterwards.

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