The Old Neighborhood

I bought a raincoat from the REI web site last week, and had it delivered to the store. The estimated date of delivery was today. But, due to that mysterious delivery vortex we live in, it actually arrived last Tuesday. I’ve been meaning to go pick it up after I got home, but I just hadn’t got around to it.

Phillip would be getting home late today, so this morning, I decided to stop by REI on my way home. The question was: How’s the best way to get from Downtown to Cascade on the bus? car2go was an option, if I could find one, but it would be an unnecessary expense. The South Lake Union Streetcar was also an option.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the answer was obvious. When I catch a northbound bus at random on 3rd Avenue, at the end of the day, that bus is frequently a 70.

I caught the 70 after work today, rode it to the edge of Cascade, and had a four or five block walk to REI. It was nice to see the old work neighborhood again. It still looks the same, aside from some new buildings nearer to completion. When I left REI, raincoat in hand, I really wanted to find a car2go to take me up the hill. I was tired (I’d been walking around the U District this morning) and I wasn’t looking forward to that awful old Lakeview overpass.

There were no cars2go around, so I walked up the hill to home.

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