Watching And Waiting

The thought came to me this afternoon, now that the weather in Seattle is becoming more pleasant, that walking home after work wouldn’t be impossible. It’s a commuting option I hadn’t considered when my office was planning the move Downtown. But I realized today that the walk home would be only a half-mile father than it was back when I used to walk home from First Hill.

Now that my default morning commute is on the 43 bus, and the default ride home is either the 43 or 47, I’m walking past the old p-patch a lot. With the pleasant weather and longer daylight hours, I’m seeing a few signs of activity. Our old plot still looks the same, however. The bamboo hoops are still there. The remaining lettuce plant looks great. I have no doubt that someone has taken over the plot – the demand for p-patch plots is huge. I still watch for changes. I can’t wait to see what the new owners do with it.

As I was starting to make a pot of rice this evening, Phillip grabbed the bowl of dried Thai hot peppers – the ones we grew in our p-patch plot – and suggested that I add a couple to the rice. I reminded him that they didn’t turn out very hot – they were delicious, I remember, but disappointingly mild – and added more than a couple.

Drying out over the winter did wonders for our Thai “mild” pepper. They are now truly hot peppers. They went well with rice and Parmesan cheese.

3 thoughts on “Watching And Waiting

  1. How did I get unsubscribed from your blog? 😦

    Been looking for your posts – and just noticed that I wasn’t subscribed anymore.

    I didn’t “unsubscribe.”

    Has anyone else had this happen? Gosh 😦

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