Some Guy Taking A car2go

I had to fill in on First Hill this morning. Phillip would be busing it. Even though we were both heading to Broadway, Phillip left before me.

I walked up to the bus stop and arrived about seven minutes before the 60 was due. As I was standing at the bus stop, I noticed a car2go parked across the street. I wasn’t tempted to take it – I just noticed it.

It didn’t take long before some guy walked up and held his card against the card reader. A moment later, I recognized the bag the guy was carrying. Then I realized that it was Phillip. I watched him look the car over, and then get in. I watched him work with the login screen, and adjust the seat and the mirrors. Then he drove off. Phillip never looked in my direction, so I was sure he didn’t know I was watching him.

The 60 arrived on schedule, and I rode it to First Hill. I suddenly realized that I was extremely early. Even though it had been a while since I’d ridden the 60, I still remembered what time it arrived on Broadway. The problem was, I remembered what time to catch it when I’m planning to walk down the hill into Downtown. I should have taken the bus after it. I had a leisurely breakfast and read.

Before I started work, I sent Phillip an email, letting him know I’d been watching him pick up the car2go. Phillip replied that he didn’t have a good trip. He couldn’t get the car to end the trip, and spent 10 minutes on the phone with the help desk. Car2go couldn’t end the trip, either, and he had to make arrangements to lock the car up. (I know that feeling of frustration.)

When I’m working in the medical center on First Hill, I am, of course, constantly crossing paths with people I know. So far, I’ve kept a low profile and have avoided visiting the old clinic. I miss the place, and I miss my old coworkers, but I hate what the place has become.

This morning, I crossed paths with a former coworker I hadn’t seen in a very long time. We chatted for a while, caught up on things, and then she made me promise that I’d pay the old clinic a visit.

Yes, it was a nice visit. I saw several people I hadn’t seen since I’d left. I didn’t visit for long, however.

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