The Return Of The Monkey

After Phillip’s phone call this morning, I started wondering if this year’s NorWesCon was cursed for us. After thinking about it for a while, I concluded that we’ve been revisited by The Monkey of Forgetfulness.

First, some background:

All five of our sugar gliders were forbidden from climbing on the bedroom curtains. They’re not our curtains, and we were afraid that their claws would damage the fabric. Squeak, in particular, took it as a challenge. That girl loved to break the rules. We tried everything we could think of: a loud noise as she was starting to jump, a swift return to the cage as punishment, a rubber snake on the curtain rod to scare her away – nothing could keep her off the curtains. One night, when Squeak was in a curtain-climbing mood, Phillip propped a sock monkey on the shelves below the curtains. I have no clue why he thought that would do anything to help us. Phillip claims he doesn’t know, either.

The sock monkey did the trick. It worked perfectly. Squeak would climb up the shelves, start to jump onto the curtains, look over at the monkey, and abandon her quest. It was weird. It was as if the sock monkey caused Squeak to forget the curtains every time. So we named the sock monkey “The Monkey of Forgetfulness”.

Now, back to the present:

Last Monday morning, before I left for work, I checked my email to see if the paperwork for my NorWesCon badge had arrived. Nope, no paperwork. Then I also couldn’t find my receipt for my pre-registration. I found the receipt from 2013 (I tend to hold on to emails), but not for this year. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure if I had pre-registered. Had it become so routine that it slipped my mind? I worried about it all day.

As soon as I got home Monday evening, I confessed to Phillip that I may have forgotten to pre-register for NorWesCon. Phillip wasn’t worried at all. He remembered me signing up at the end of last year’s convention. He was sure of it. Well, then, did I accidentally delete this year’s receipt? If I want to be sure, said Phillip, send an email to Registration and ask them to check.

My reply came five minutes later. No, I’m not registered for this year’s NorWesCon.

Pre-registration is closed, so all I can do now is hope there are still tickets at the door.

Phillip left this morning. I’ll be joining him later, with the hope that I can get in. With no sugar gliders to come home to, I’ll be staying overnight. (That’s the plan, anyway.)

My cell phone rang this morning. It was Phillip. He’d made it to the hotel OK. He had, however, forgotten the laptop at home. Also, he discovered that he’d forgotten his debit card in the ATM yesterday. (It’s OK for now. He canceled the card, there was no unexpected activity on it, and he has plenty of cash on hand.)

These are the reasons I believe The Monkey of Forgetfulness has returned, now working its magic on us. I’d get rid of it, but I don’t remember where we’d put it.

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