Green Lights

Recently, while we were out walking somewhere, Phillip asked me if car2go had added more cars to its fleet. No, I answered, I’m pretty sure they’re topped off at 500 cars – why do you ask? I’ve seeing more of them around, he explained.

Suddenly, I’m getting the same feeling. On short walk to the bus stop this morning, I saw three cars2go parked. On one, I noticed the flashing green “Available” light. I didn’t see the other two card readers. Is this power of suggestion? Or are there more cars2go in our neighborhood? Are there more people like us who’ve given up on car2go, deciding it’s a good idea, but just not available enough?

I actually don’t think it’s that last possibility. I still see plenty on the road.I think it’s just power of suggestion.

I took a 43 to Downtown this morning. When I tapped my ORCA card, it gave an odd beeping sound. It didn’t sound like the “error” sound, but it didn’t sound quite like the “accepted” sound either. There was a line of people behind me, so I couldn’t really investigate. I glanced back at the reader. The green light was on, so I continued back to an empty seat.

I exited at Westllake Station. I tapped my ORCA card before going down to the platform. A Link train arrived at the same time I did.

When I exited at Pioneer Square Station, I tapped my ORCA card again. It gave that odd beeping sound again. The display said something like “Low Funds”. I was confused. How can a monthly pass be low on funds? I decided I’d have to stop by the Benefits office when I got to work.

On my walk from Pioneer Square Station to work, I figured it out. At the first party we went to at NorWesCon, I suddenly couldn’t find my driver’s license. (Photo ID was required at the door.) I’d shown my ID at the adult fashion show earlier in the day, so I knew I had it. It wasn’t where I usually keep it, however. I looked through my wallet, and through my card wallet, and then through both places again. (Phillip, meanwhile, was in the room, wondering what was taking me so long.) After the third or fourth time looking through every card I had, I finally found my driver’s license – in the wrong spot, of course. So this morning, I realized that in the course of all that sifting through cards, I mixed up my two ORCA cards. I still have that $20 ORCA card Metro gave me as incentive to ride route 44. (I carry it around out of habit, and because I don’t know what else to do with it.)

I got my ORCA cards straightened out by the time I commuted home this evening.

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