Tiara Shopping

Yes, I’m going through with it.

I rode with Phillip to his dental appointment in Northgate. I read more of Clockwork Angels while I sat in the waiting room. Then we went to Display & Costume and went shopping for Tiara Tuesday.

Phillip directed me to the locked case with the nice tiaras in it – the ones that cost between $15 and $50. That wasn’t what I had in mind. I’m envisioning this adventure lasting one Tuesday – two at the most. I kept looking at the cheap plastic tiaras – the ones that cost around $5. The problem I ran into is that they were all too small for my head. I didn’t understand, until Phillip pointed out that cheap plastic tiaras are intended for little kids. I didn’t want to spend $15 on a joke.

Suddenly, I found a cheap plastic tiara with a double-hoop mechanism. A hair band curves over the top of the head, and the tiara is attached at a right angle. It fit. Best of all, it was on sale for $2.49. So, I went for it.

On the way to the cash register, I picked up a Runaway Monkey air freshener (from Archie McPhee), on impulse, to replace our car’s Corndog air freshener (also from Archie McPhee), which had lost its mustard scent long ago. Phillip was concerned that the new air freshener would smell like a monkey. I pointed out that it’s lingonberry-scented. So, although he loves that Corndog air freshener, Phillip gave his blessing on the Runaway Monkey.

We both almost wish Runaway Monkey did smell like a monkey. Our car now smells like a cheap bathroom cleaner – and it’s a strong odor. We’re hoping the odor won’t last long.

Maybe Runaway Monkey should meet The Monkey of Forgetfulness.


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