Not Alone

The reason I didn’t want to spend $15+ on a tiara was, frankly, I expected Tiara Tuesday to be a bust. My tiara would be a funny sight gag – once – I figured. Granted, the participation on this first Tuesday wasn’t enormous, but it was a lot better than I’d imagined. Was there a run on tiaras this past weekend, or do people have tiaras sitting in their closet?

I struck up a conversation with a tiara-wearing coworker and learned that she owns five tiaras. She explained that her mother used to buy them for her. I didn’t quite understand. I guess I don’t know much about the culture of tiaras.

Meanwhile, I’ve found the answer to my previous question about why I get more reading done during the commute home than during the commute into Downtown. It’s traffic, of course. It takes longer to get out of Downtown in the evening than it does to get off of Capitol Hill in the morning. (That’s also why I never get much reading done on the 60 – no Downtown traffic.)  I answered this today because evening traffic was strangely non-existent.

I took a seat on the outbound 47 and thought about whether I wanted to start reading Cold Comfort Farm or continue reading Clockwork Angels. I chose Cold Comfort Farm. I turned the first page of the introduction and realized we were already at Nike Town. As we crossed over the freeway, I gave up on reading and enjoyed the scenery flying by. It wasn’t like the city was empty. The bus stops Downtown were as busy as ever. Traffic just seemed to be flowing smoothly on Tiara Tuesday.

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