Expect The Unexpected

I was on my way to work this morning when I realized that I was going to be rather early. I wondered why, when I’m running early like that, I don’t stop into one of the breakfast places around my office instead of heading directly to my desk. I will, occasionally, stop into Top Pot for a latte and a doughnut – and then take it up to my desk. But I was thinking more like going in having a seat in a little cafe before work. I decided I will make a breakfast stop – someday. For reasons I can’t explain, I went directly to my desk this morning.

Our supervisors had a surprise for us this morning. They’d set out a breakfast of fruit, scones, and oatmeal. (I love oatmeal!) I was rather glad that invisible force pulled me directly to my desk this morning.

As I finished my oatmeal, my supervisor had another surprise for me. I began training on a new job today. This isn’t a job to replace my present one, but rather cross-training to enhance my worth. My supervisor reminded me that I’d asked for this cross-training back at Cascade. I replied that I’m glad she has a better memory than I do.

I’d rather not go into detail about what I do, or who employs me – just because. But, picture a product going through a series of processes, from A, to B, to C, and finally to D. My job is B. I’m already cross-trained as a backup in A. Today, I learned C. I’ll probably never learn D, because it requires a certification I don’t have, and that’s fine.

It was an exciting day, learning a new job, and doing something different.

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