I Like Technology

By two o’clock this afternoon, our office was practically empty. Many people took the day off, and others left before the May Day events jammed Downtown Seattle – or worse. But I stayed to the very end of the day.

The events started on First Hill at three and continued at Westlake Mall at five. My typical commute home would take me through the thick of it – if buses were running at all. But I planned to walk up First Hill and continue walking home, avoiding it all.

The entire building was on heightened security all day, just in case the anarchists crashed the party, like they did last year. I was greeted by security personnel when I walked into the building this morning. At the end of the day, all but the essential entrances were closed.

I didn’t sleep well last night, because of the heat wave. By mid-afternoon, my grogginess had turned into a headache. I’d taken some aspirin, but the idea of walking home didn’t sound so appealing.

There were no cars2go Downtown or on First Hill at the end of the day. OneBusAway told me that if I walked up First Hill, I might be able to arrive just in time to catch a 60 home – or, more likely, just miss it. After that, it would be a 20+ minute wait for the next one. Still, the 60 sounded better than walking this evening.

I walked up First Hill and nearly killed myself in the over-eighty degree temperature. I got to the bus stop, and OneBusAway told me the next 60 was behind schedule and was due in 11 minutes. That was just enough time for me to catch my breath and read some more pages of Clockwork Angels.

Colin is hosting a Hogwarts-themed party later this month. I found some gear on Amazon and bought it. I decided it was time to try out an Amazon Locker. There’s one in The Broadway Market.

For years, I worked without a delivery address. The building had an address, and I had a location that the mailroom could find, but having FedEx or UPS deliver there was problematic. It was much easier to have my packages delivered to Phillip’s office. When I worked at Cascade, I could have packages delivered to the front desk – but I never took advantage of that. Now, in our Downtown office, we can no longer have personal packages delivered to the front desk. It’s still easier to deliver to Phillip’s office.

Then I discovered Amazon Locker. It works like a private mailbox that you don’t have to rent. Amazon will send your package there for free – or for a fee for express delivery – and then email you a code to open the box. It’s a nice setup for urban dwellers.

My Hogwarts gear was scheduled for delivery today. (I won’t say which house I chose, in case Colin reads this blog.) For once, the delivery vortex didn’t work for me, and Amazon emailed me the code this afternoon, right on schedule.

The 60 dropped me off at The Broadway Market. I went upstairs, entered the code, and one of the many doors popped open. A helpful arrow on the display screen pointed in the direction of the opened door, just it case I didn’t notice it. My package was there, waiting for me. It really is just a mailbox with a technological twist, but it’s nifty and handy. As Phillip observed, I can now buy him presents without him knowing about it.

I brought my Hogwarts gear home. We turned the fans in the apartment on, and I took a nap for a couple of hours.

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