The Phantom Exam

I had a dream last night that there was an important exam I had to take at work today. It wasn’t the type of exam I could prepare for – it would be based on things I should already know. That’s all I remember about the dream. There was nothing specific – just a vague impression of a dream.

Maybe that’s why I woke up a couple of times during the night wondering if it was a dream or a memory.

There was no exam at work today, of course.

When I got to Westlake Station this morning, there was a very long message broadcast to the platform. It was also spelled out on the LED signs. The ground level elevator at Tukwila Station was out of order, the message said. Link riders who require the elevator were advised to ride the train to SeaTac Station and then ride a RapidRide bus back to Tukwila.

I’d never heard a message like it before this morning.

It was an unfortunate situation, I thought to myself, but it was impressive that there was a system in place to warn people about it, and to offer a solution.

The same message was being broadcast at Pioneer Square Station.

When I got to work, I rode up in the elevator with a coworker. I told him about the message in the tunnel. My coworker grumbled, “Yeah. Seems like there’s always something breaking in that system.” (It’s a matter of perspective, I thought to myself.)

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