Cameras In The P-Patch

It’s been twice that I’ve forgotten to write that the second Tiara Tuesday was a bust. It was almost lunchtime, on Tuesday, when I looked at the plastic tiara on my desk and realized it was Tuesday and I hadn’t seen a single tiara being worn. Oh, well.

I should have taken another day off today. I was feeling especially tired by the middle of the afternoon. It’s tough enough to convince myself to take a day off. Two days in a row is pushing it.

Before the move to Downtown, I thought I’d hate having to transfer during a short commute. Actually, I kind of enjoy it. It gives me a chance to get out and see Downtown at least twice a day. There’s a sense of adventure in the commute home, not knowing which bus I’ll be riding up 3rd Avenue to Pike Street. (Different bus routes really do have different personalities.) I’d still like it better if I didn’t have to change buses, but the transfer isn’t as terrible as I’d imagined it would be.

In the morning, when I walk down to the platform at Westlake Station, I never catch a bus anymore, unless I’m in a hurry – and I’m almost never in a hurry. It’s so much easier to wait for a Link train. It runs every 7.5 minutes in the morning, so there’s never a long wait. There’s never a line to board or exit light rail. Even though it’s busy in the morning, it’s still roomy inside the train. So, I let the buses go by and wait for the train.

As I was riding home on the 47 this evening, and the bus was turning from Olive onto Summit, I saw Bruce, from the p-patch, crossing Olive. I exited at the first stop on Summit, and caught up with him. We walked along Summit together. I asked him about the film crew I’d seen in the p-patch on Monday.

(I’d seen the film crew out of the bus window as we passed by. It was a large, professional-looking crew, with lights and reflectors and several cameras and a couple of trucks parked nearby. I regret not walking back to see what was going on. I’m not sure why I didn’t. But I figured I’d run into Bruce, or another former p-patch neighbor, soon enough, and learn what it was all about.)

Bruce told me that it was a public service announcement being filmed by MSNBC. It wasn’t about the p-patch, or p-patches at all. The p-patch was used as a backdrop. It was something about healthcare or healthy living, Bruce told me. There were fake plots set up in front of the real plots. The fake plots spelled out a message, but Bruce wasn’t sure what the message was. MSNBC has promised to pay the p-patch for its use, according to Bruce.

Since I rarely watch TV these days, I wonder if I’ll ever get to see that public service announcement.

4 thoughts on “Cameras In The P-Patch

    • My daily morning commute is from Westlake to Pioneer Square. But I love the International District Station the most. It’s a tunnel station, but it’s light and airy, and it has a nice plaza above it.

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