A Whole Walk Or Half A Walk

This morning, I was looking forward to Writers’ Group, but I wasn’t looking forward to the walk up the hill. I was tired. It’s been an active weekend.

I kept the car2go map open in a browser tab. Of course, there were no cars2go anywhere between home and Barbara and Don’s place.

I took one last look before I logged off and started out the door. There were still no cars2go to take me up the hill. Then – suddenly – one appeared two blocks from home. I clicked the “Book” button. Nothing happened. I clicked it a second time, and nothing happened. Then the car disappeared. Someone had booked the car before me.

Phillip suggested I take our car – he wasn’t going to need it. That sounded like an excellent idea. I put on a coat, packed up my writing piece, and as I was heading for the car key, I thought of my other blog. I’d miss the opportunity to snap a photo if I were driving. I walked to Writers’ Group.

So, why was I willing to book a car2go, but not drive our car? Because I’d have to walk somewhere to get the car2go, giving me photo opportunities along the way. Plus, I’d likely be walking back home, giving me more photo opportunities.

Everyone, including me, had short pieces to read today. I was pleased with my expanded “gum on the bus” story, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.

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