Everything This Weekend

I am beat, and it’s only Sunday morning. I don’t go to many parties – I’m not a party animal – but it seemed that everything happened this weekend.

Friday night, Phillip and I went to another karaoke party at Baranof,  in Greenwood. There happened to be an art walk in Greenwood, so we had to drive around quite a bit until we finally found a spot eight blocks away. There were 15 of us at the party – all from NorWesCon except me. There was plenty of singing (but not by either Phillip or me) and lots of dancing. We dragged ourselves out of there around midnight and, luckily, remembered where we’d parked.

Except for a trip to Value Village and a stop into Chipotle for lunch, we spent Saturday recovering from Friday night. Then we drove up to Everett for Colin and Sam’s engagement party. I wore my Huffepuff gear. Phillip wore Ravenclaw colors. We both brought the wands Brian made for us a while back.

My dear friend Kelly was there. She wore Gryffindore colors. She, Colin, and Phillip were the only people I knew well. I knew Sam only from what Colin had told me. The rest of the guests were people I’d met once or twice, or never before last night. It didn’t matter. It was a terrific party, with lots of food, a lot of conversation, some fire dancing demonstrations, a Magic game, and movies.

There was a dog there, named Bella. She was afraid of me – and only me. (Well, she wasn’t too comfortable with Phillip, but warmed up to him once he removed his headgear.) No one could figure out why. It started from the moment I entered the house and lasted through the party. If I stood up, Bella would bark at me. If I sat on the floor, she’s make wide paths around the room to avoid me. If I sat on a chair, she’d skittishly approach me with her ears flattened. I’d never had a dog react to me like that.

Phillip and I left when the party broke up at 12:30. We got home at 1:00 this morning.

Today is Writers’ Group. I didn’t have anything written until yesterday morning, when I expanded my blog post about the stranger handing out gum in the bus.

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