I stopped by our former p-patch plot this morning, on my way to the 43. The new owners have done some work. The old bamboo hoops are still there. Our old stepping-stones are still there – but rearranged into a new pattern. The stones are also raised – not half-buried like we’d left them. The ground cover between the stones is gone. There are some new plantings, in nice, neat rows. It all looked great. I was glad to see it.

When it was our plot, we kept it random and organically arranged. Now it looks organized. It’s just different styles.

Someone I know accuses me of having a shoe fetish, because I keep finding random shoes abandoned in the neighborhood and photographing them for Adrift On The Shore. What I did this evening won’t do much to quell that suspicion, I suspect.

After work today, I walked over to Third Avenue and boarded a RapidRide E bus. I didn’t exit at Pike Street today. I kept riding until we got to Denny Way. Then I walked into the South Lake Union neighborhood to do three hours of volunteer work.

Last weekend, Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project posted on Facebook that they were looking for volunteers to help Redeeming Souls sort and box shoes for distribution to the homeless. So I volunteered.

There were a lot of shoes to be sorted and boxed. There were thousands, in all states of wear – from falling apart to brand new athletic shoes donated from stores in the area – and in every style imaginable. We did a lot in three hours, and there is still two or three volunteer shifts available – but those interfere with my work schedule.

I discovered that it’s sometimes difficult to tell a woman’s shoe from a man’s shoe, especially athletic shoes, Converse sneakers, and Toms. It was sometimes difficult to teenager’s shoe from a woman’s shoe. Of course, it really didn’t matter. If the shoe fits…

I caught an 8 bus up the hill after we were done for the evening.

I am exhausted. It’s a good kind of exhausted.

I now know where to send those abandoned shoes I find in the neighborhood – after I photograph them.

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