Working In Solitude

That’s what this weekend has been: Working in solitude.

Yesterday, Phillip went to a NorWesCon meeting, leaving me home alone. I took the opportunity to organize the apartment. I felt a little like The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, in which a little spot becomes a bigger spot as it gets cleaned. Basically, my efforts resulted in two piles: Stuff I should have thrown out long ago (which got thrown out), and stuff I can’t decide what to do with (which got rearranged into another pile).

I took a break mid-afternoon and took Cold Comfort Farm up to Blue Moon Burgers. I ordered a Hangover¹ and an iced tea, and found that it’s impossible to hold a book while eating a Hangover.

After lunch, I stopped into the Capitol Hill Library, where my hold on the Heathers DVD had come in. I’d seen most of Heathers at Colin and Sam’s party, but I want to see it from the beginning.

I got home and continued organizing, but I’d lost the energy. I was playing The Sims 2 when Phillip got home.

Today, Phillip spent most of the day with Judy, leaving me home alone. (I had been invited, but declined because I thought Phillip needed some time with Judy.) I took the opportunity to organize the apartment. I found a better method for organizing today. I took the laptop into the bedroom, set it on the edge of the futon, and played The Sims 2 while I organized.

I took a break mid-afternoon and walked over to Top Pot for an Ovaltine Latte.  When I got to the register, I forgot I was going to order an Ovaltine Latte and ordered my usual latte by mistake. I decided to go with it, and not correct my order.

I took a walk around the block, and returned to organizing. I was playing The Sims 2 – and organizing – when Phillip got home.

¹”Premium beef patty seasoned and grilled • Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon • 2 Slices of Swiss Cheese • Fried Egg • French Fries • BlueMoon Sauce • Brioche Bun” – Blue Moon Burgers menu

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