Stuck Outside Of Re-Bar

Thanks to car2go, I now have a pretty good idea how long it takes me to get home.

Toward the end of the day today, I spotted a car2go from my office window. It seemed like a good day for a joyride home. I opened the car2go map in my spare monitor. It was too early to book the car. I logged in, just to be ready.

The car disappeared, along with every other car2go Downtown. I looked out the window, out of curiosity. Yes, it was gone. It seemed like a good day for a bus ride home.

Shortly before it was time for me to shut down my computer, another car2go showed up in the same parking spot. I booked it.

I chose the 6th Avenue, Olive Way, Howell Street, Eastlake, Lakeview route home. It worked well for me last time. It avoids the Pike Street traffic, and the Broadway traffic, and puts me at the end of Summit Avenue where parking is usually found.

As soon as I got the car2go started, I turned off the air conditioner and rolled down the driver’s side window. It was a pleasant evening in Seattle.

Going up 6th Avenue, KEXP played “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again,” by Bob Dylan. It was a beautiful day for a drive. The only thing that could have made it any better was if the car2go had a sunroof.

Suddenly, on Howell, just past Terry, traffic jammed up, for no apparent reason. There was a car illegally parked outside of The Re-Bar, blocking the left lane, but that didn’t seem to be causing the jam. Traffic was moving well, but slowly. I could get across the intersection when the light changed (the shortness of Smart Cars is great for city driving), but then I’d have to sit through the next light sequence.

Even that minor traffic jam wasn’t enough to break my mood. KEXP played “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” by The Stooges. The DJ had great taste in music this evening. I didn’t even think about the extra couple of dollars the traffic jam was going to cost me. It was a joyride, after all.

Traffic cleared right up after Yale Avenue. I suppose the freeway entrance had something to do with it, but that wouldn’t explain the slowness of the lanes to the left of the bus lane.

I found a parking space at the end of Summit. The car2go found a signal right away. I started walking home. When I got to Mercer Street, a 47 bus pulled into the bus stop. I looked at my watch. That was the 47 I would have ridden home if I hadn’t booked the car2go. It and I arrived at the same time.

It was a 20 minute trip.

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