Reading The Schedule

I was reminded this morning that even a transit geek like myself can misread a bus schedule.

When my workplace was moving Downtown, and I was looking at my commuting options, I didn’t see route 47 as a viable option. For one thing, I thought I’d hate the transfer Downtown. (That hasn’t been the case – just the opposite, in fact.) Mainly, though, the problem was the schedule. There’s a 47 that starts the trip too early for my work schedule. The next one leaves more than 30 minutes later – which could work, if everything goes perfectly. I don’t like to be in a rush in the morning, however.

I’ve ridden that early 47 several times, and have arrived at work very early. Mostly, though, I’ve been riding the 43, which works out well, schedule-wise. I prefer the 47 – it’s closer, and it’s a smoother ride.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a photo I snapped for my other blog – a photo of the 47 from the window of a 43. Why was there a 47 arriving at the intersection at the same time as the 43? The 43 was on time, I remember, and the 47 is rarely late, being that close to the beginning of its short route.

I thought about that this morning as I was getting ready for my walk down the street to the 43 stop. I checked the Metro schedule. Somehow, I hadn’t seen that 47 which is scheduled between the too-early and the too-late. At the same time the 43 has been picking me up, a 47 has been starting its trip.

(This is one gripe I have against Metro Transit. I wish they would stagger buses a little more. It has the 43 and the 47 going to Westlake Mall and leaving my neighborhood at almost the same time. I had the same problem when I worked on First Hill. The 60, heading for the Broadway shopping district, arrived on 9th Avenue just minutes from the time the 9 would arrive a few blocks away, also heading for the Broadway shopping district. If I missed the 60, I’d also miss the 9.)

So I took that newly discovered 47 this morning, and it worked out just fine.

Still, it’s a nice walk to the 43 when the weather is pleasant.

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