Nightlife Magic

Last night, Phillip and I saw a great show, called “Accio Burlesque! (A Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter).” This time, however, it wasn’t at The Re-Bar. It was at the Annex Theatre in the Pike/Pine neighborhood.

It was Phillip’s suggestion that we take a car2go there and either walk or bus back. I kept the car2go map open while we passed the time at home. I watched cars blink in and out of our neighborhood. Suddenly, one showed up at exactly the right time, right in front of our apartment building, with a quarter-tank of gas. I booked it.

Inside the car2go, we found a ticket for the UW Medical Center parking garage and a flyer for a mystic in Magnolia. We took both for later disposal.

I drove us there. I decided to be optimistic, ignore my impulse to park by Cal Anderson Park, and look for a spot right in the heart of Pike/Pine. No such luck. After cruising around a while, we found a spot by Cal Anderson Park. As we walked away, we realized that we’d left our show tickets inside the car2go.

Luckily, no one had booked the car2go yet. I booked the car again, retrieved the tickets, and ended the “trip.” (It shows up on my account as a 0 minute, 0 mile, $0.00 trip.)

The Annex Theatre put on a great show, even before the show. Staff members were dressed in Howgwarts costumes. Hog’s Head Inn (the lounge) served butter beer (butterscotch schnapps and vodka). “Professor Trelawney” gave tarot card readings in the corner.

It wasn’t until we’d taken our seats that I realized that I should have worn my Hufflepuff hat. But, since the theatre wasn’t air-conditioned and had no windows, I’m glad I didn’t.

There was a woman in the seat ahead of us who showed off her Marauder’s Map dress for us.

The show was hosted by “J.K. Rowling,” who presented the show as a new play she’s working on.

I won’t go into detail about most of the acts (such as Filch and Mrs. Norris), but my favorites were:

Albus Dumbledore displaying leather Pride.

Luna Lovegood dancing to Björk.

Professor Sprout smoking herbs.

Harry Potter doing a somber dance, with the names of those who died written on his body.

Dolores Umbridge turning into a cat.

Tonks and Remus dancing together – with genders reversed.

After the show, Phillip and I had dinner at Lost Lake, then had a 4 minute wait for a 49 bus to take us home.

It was an enjoyable night.

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