A Minor Return

Back at Sam’s and Colin’s party, Phillip suggested to Kelly that we take her geocaching someday. That surprised me a little, because I thought Phillip was completely done with geocaching. Kelly liked the idea, and we set today as the day.

I made up a list of seven geocaches in Everett. I stuck to medium or large caches, because Phillip enjoys those more than micros or nanos. Yesterday, Phillip suggested that we include a micro in the list, so Kelly can experience what that’s like. So, the list became eight.

It turned out that four of the geocaches were in or near Forrest Park, and four were in or near Loganberry Park. I created a pocket query, and uploaded them to our Garman Dakota and our TomTom this morning through GSAK. (I had to pretty much re-learn the process along the way.)

We drove up to Everett, and got to Kelly’s house a half-hour early, because of the surprising lack of traffic along I-5. The three of us drove to Forrest Park. Kelly, it turned out, wasn’t too fond of the neighborhood around Loganberry Park.

Things did not start off well. We set out after our first cache. The satellites were not favorable to us. The needle on the GPSr kept shifting 180 degrees. It was either that way, or in the opposite direction. We took a vote and decided to go that way.

After walking almost .2 miles up and down a trail, it became apparent that we were heading in the wrong direction. We turned around and headed back. We decided to try another Forrest Park geocache.

We found that second cache rather easily, after a few wrong turns. It was, for Phillip and me, our 1210th Find. Then I checked the GPSr for that first cache we’d attempted. The satellites seemed to be working better. We went after that first cache again – this time, heading toward the other side of the park.

I’d been to Forrest Park a time or two in my history. I didn’t remember the terrain being so steep, however. Kelly wasn’t too familiar with the park, either. We were already getting tired as we made our way toward that first cache.

That first geocache had several Did Not Find logs. Today, we added our geocaching name to the list of DNFs. We searched a long time, and met up with other geocachers who were looking but not Finding it.

We all three of agreed that it was time for a break, we went to lunch at AFK.

During lunch, my cell phone signaled that a text message had arrived. I wondered, out loud, who would be texting me on a Sunday afternoon. “Don’t look at me,” said Kelly, “I didn’t text you.” Phillip looked over at my phone and said, “Yes, you did.”

Kelly had sent me a text message yesterday at about 5:00 in the evening. It arrived today at about noon. My cell phone is weird.

Instead of returning to geocaching, we all went back to Kelly’s house and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith from her DVD collection.

After the movie, Kelly suggested going after another geocache. We all agreed, until we looked outside and saw that it was raining. So we called it a day, and Phillip and I drove home.

The day did not go as planned (except for lunch at AFK) but everything went perfectly.

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