I had a fun Friday night at the burlesque in Seattle. I had a terrific time at the movies on Saturday in Tukwila. I had a wonderful Sunday hanging out with Kelly in Everett. Phillip and I had been invited to a group barbecue at Summit Slope Park, just up the street, today. I’d RSVP-ed to the barbecue with a “maybe”. Part of me wanted to go, part of me wanted to indulge in a day of antisocialness. The barbecue sounded fun, but I was tired.

Phillip had complained of some back pain on Sunday. He went to bed soon after we got home. He’d asked me to wake him up at seven. When I tried to wake him up, he wanted to sleep. He was still asleep when I went to bed at eleven.

Phillip was up when I got up at 7:30 this morning. He told me his back was hurting – a lot. I drove him to Urgent Care.

I found free street parking across the street from the medical center. I looked at the parking sign and imagined how difficult it must be for visitors from another country to decipher our signs. (Or, maybe parking signs are the same everywhere – I don’t know.)

The sign said: “1 hr. Parking 6am-7pm, Except Sun. & Holidays.” Yes, I understand what it means, but what does it actually say? You can park here for an hour, except at night, on Sundays, and holidays (when you can’t park at all)? Or: You can park for no longer than an hour, except at night, on Sundays, and holidays (when you can park as long as you want)? One could read the sign either way, I suppose.

Phillip’s ER visit was very different from my most recent one. We were in and out of there in about an hour. We had breakfast at IHOP on the way home. Phillip slept the day away, and I skipped the barbecue.

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