The World Works Against Me In My Favor

I started working some end-of-the-month overtime yesterday evening. I came home tired, and in no mood to miss with the malfunctioning modem on the desktop. (Of course, I couldn’t help trying to fix it, or at least try to figure out how to fix it.) I was in no mood to write a blog post, either.

I never did get the modem working last night.

I got up this morning with the idea of getting to work about an hour and fifteen minutes early, relaxing at my desk  (because I don’t like starting work the moment I drop into my chair) and then getting in an hour of overtime.

The modem was still not working this morning.

I was ready to go. I checked OnBusAway. A 47 was due in 9 minutes. I woke Phillip up, and then headed out the door. I got to the bus stop in plenty of time.

A Link train arrived at the Westlake platform at the same time I did.

I stepped off the elevator at work earlier than I’d planned. I got to my desk just in time to get in an hour and a half of overtime. I started work the moment I dropped into my chair.

Everything had lined up against me to get to me to work early.

I put in another hour of overtime in the evening. I stopped off at the Downtown Kress, bought some toothpaste, and had a 7 minute wait for the 47 home.

I was tired on the ride home, but in a better mood to tackle the modem. I also wondered if the modem was the problem. It seemed almost as likely that the internet was out – although it’s unusual for it to be out for so long. I was ready to come home to a working modem, and just as ready to start a chat session with our internet provider’s help desk.

Phillip was at the desktop, on the internet, when I got home. He had assumed I’d fixed the modem after he’d gone to bed last night.

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