Wait! There’s More!

Now that the end-of-the-month overtime is finished, it felt good to have a leisurely commute into work this morning, at a reasonable time of the morning.

Then came the email announcing more overtime this week. So, there will be more early mornings and late evenings for a few more days.

When I picked up my copy of Batman: The Killing Joke from the Capitol Hill Library last week, I started skimming through it as I walked home. That’s when I noticed that a few pages had come loose. I took it home, and decided I’d read it with extra care, and alert the library about the damaged book when I was done.

Phillip had a better idea: He put a hold on the book. That way, he explained, I could return my copy as soon as his copy came it, and the library could get the damage repaired or out of circulation sooner. Neither one of us knew I’d read it in one day.

I returned Batman: The Killing Joke yesterday. The staff member thanked me for pointing out the damage.

Today, Phillip sent me an email, telling me his copy of Batman: The Killing Joke had arrived at the Capitol Hill Library, and asked me to pick it up for him on my way home. Then he said that he hoped he wasn’t getting my damaged copy. The timing would make it seem that way, but I seriously doubted The Seattle Public Library would do that. Still, it had me wondering.

As soon as I saw Phillip’s hold on the shelf, I knew he was getting a different copy. Mine was from MAG (Magnolia). His is from BAL (Ballard). (Yes I’m enough of a library nerd that I can read the branch names on the book spines.)

The library web site lists the only copy from Magnolia as “Damaged/Incomplete”.

Sorry I doubted you, Seattle Public Library.

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