Over Overtime

I left the apartment at five ’til six this morning, and I came home at 6:15 this evening. I put in a little over ten hours at work today.

This is nuts.

I rushed to work this morning. I don’t like being in a rush in the morning. I was anxious to get home this evening. The bus couldn’t move fast enough for me. I don’t like feeling in a rush in the evening. The whole point of commuting by bus, for me, is that I can take it leisurely – read a book or feed a squirrel on my way.

I didn’t have time to check the weather report this morning. I saw the clouds this morning, wondered if I should have worn a raincoat, but kept on walking to the bus stop.

I was anti-social, and a little grumpy at work. I was tired all day. Fortunately, I have a job that allows me to plug in ear buds and shut out the world while I work.

I am so over overtime.

I’ll continue to work overtime this week. I have to. But tomorrow, I’ll get to work when I get to work.


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