Jumping Around

I am being cross-trained all over the place at work these days. I rather like it. My routine is constantly being scrambled. I jump from one side-job to another to another, and back again. One of my new side-jobs has me working for a department I know little about.

A down side to this is that most of these new side-jobs actually use my second monitor. I don’t get to watch many NPR concerts in my peripheral vision while I work now. While my main job, the one I was hired for, is largely analog, these new side-jobs are largely digital.

I received an email today from some other department, asking me why I did a particular thing. It was something I did for the side-job for the department I know little about. It seems I didn’t do it wrong – it was just that someone thought it was odd that I did it. Unfortunately, all I could tell them was that I was told to do it, and that I didn’t know why.

I’m enjoying these new tasks, and the new responsibilities that come with them. It’s too bad I’m feeling so tired from all this overtime that I can’t fully experience it.

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