Raincoat And Sandals

Without overtime, I have a typical workday morning routine: Wake up way too early (a habit I’ve decided to keep from the sugar glider years), shower, get dressed, switch on Northwest Cable News – which I watch while checking the internet and brushing my teeth, wake Phillip up, lounge around a bit, pack up my stuff, decide which bus I want to catch, and walk out the door.

(There used to be some coffee brewing in that morning routine, but since I now get unlimited free coffee at work, there’s no point in brewing my own.)

Now, with overtime, my morning routine is: Wake up way too early, shower, get dressed, make sure the alarm’s set on Phillip’s phone, and rush out the door.

There’s no time for NWCN these mornings, so I don’t know what the weather’s going to be like. Sure, I can look out the window. The problem is, there’s a huge tree right outside our window that blocks most of the sky. I can look down at the pavement and see if it’s raining, or not, but that doesn’t give me a sense of what it’s about to do. It doesn’t give me a forecast for the rest of the day. (And, in the morning, I’ve usually forgotten what forecast was given yesterday.)

This morning, I left our apartment thinking today was going to be pleasant and sunny, like it was this past weekend. I stepped outside and saw gray clouds overhead and felt a slight chill. I rushed back to our apartment and grabbed a raincoat – just in case. I realized that I was wearing sandals (close-toed, with socks, so they’re within the dress code) and I’d probably get damp feet, but I didn’t think I’d have time to switch to a pair of boots.

Later in the morning, I went to the printer at work, which is placed next to a window. I heard the banging of window-washers making their way down the building. I saw the cart lowering into the window by the printer. I wondered about the etiquette of meeting window-washers face-to-face. Should I pretend they’re not there? Should I give them a smile? Should I acknowledge their presence with brief eye contact and nothing more?

As the cart lowered, I realized that the window-washers spend their day not looking into office windows (out of courtesy, and because they’re looking at the window surface they’re cleaning). So, I pretended they weren’t there. They probably didn’t even see me.

This afternoon, an interesting trio of songs shuffled into my iPod, in this order: “People Get Ready”, by Phoebe Snow and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, “Sympathy for The Devil”, by The Rolling Stones, and “Deus”, by The Sugarcubes. The theme was broken, I suppose, when the trio was followed by “The Carnival is Over”, by Dead Can Dance.

It didn’t rain on me today. The 47 home was packed, but with no one having to stand. I looked up from Cold Comfort Farm and saw a lot of open books and eReaders around me. I don’t usually see that much reading on the Capitol Hill-bound 47. It was almost at the amount of reading I typically seen on a University District-bound 43.

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