Things Work Out

Last Saturday, when Phillip and I went to Wendy’s, we were surprised by the closure of John Street, and had to do some minor re-routing. It was no big deal, but we shouldn’t have been surprised. We both get email alerts from Metro Transit, warning us of reroutes due to events or road work. Somehow, we’d both ignored the one about John Street.

So, when an email alert arrived from Metro last week, about buses being rerouted due to road work, Phillip forwarded it to me, even though I’d received it, too. We weren’t going to ignore this one.

We went to another terrific burlesque show at The Re-Bar last night. Phillip bought the tickets, so I can’t remember the name of the show. The theme was The History of Burlesque. The show started at 6:30, and we can drive there in a few minutes, but we left around 5:30, since parking is so difficult in the area, and we counted on having to drive around a while.

(If it weren’t for the uphill return, we could walk to The Re-Bar.)

We were surprised by the closure of Denny Way. (Oh yeah, that reroute email we were supposed to remember.) We had to continue down to Pine Street, along with half the population of Seattle, it seemed, and circle back. It was stressful, but we reminded ourselves that we still had an hour before the show started.

On our first attempt, we found a parking space right around the corner from The Re-Bar. It was 5:40, so we had to pay for 20 minutes of parking, (There is a disadvantage to finding a parking space right away.)

We walked around the corner to The Re-Bar, and waited outside for the doors to open. Then I noticed a poster for the show. Then I noticed the show time: 7:30. How did we get the time wrong? Maybe 6:30 is when the doors open, suggested Phillip. We walked back to find something to eat. There was a door open by the Re-Bar stage, and people were setting up, so I stuck my head in and asked when the doors open. The doors open at 7:00, we were told.

How did we get the time so wrong?

We had over an hour to kill. We’d talked about stopping off at Lunchbox Laboratory on our way home, but maybe we could find something to eat nearby. We didn’t know the area very well, however. There was a Phở restaurant between The Re-Bar and our parking space, but Phillip doesn’t like Phở. So we walked over to Stewart Street.

That’s when I realized that Lunchbox Laboratory was within walking distance. (On our way to The Re-Bar, during our reroute around Denny, Phillip called the area a “black hole”, because he can never figure out how the streets match up, and he’s always confused about where things are. I feel the same way about the West Seattle interchange.)

We walked to Lunchbox Laboratory, had dinner, and walked back to The Re-Bar. It was starting to rain a little – we’d both left our coats at home on purpose – but it wasn’t too bad. We got to The Re-Bar at ten minutes to seven. They were letting people in early. Things we working out well, overall.

Phillip knows several of the people involved in these burlesque shows, so he mentioned to the guy at the door that we’d thought the show started at 6:30. We learned that the show had originally been scheduled for 6:30, but they had to change it – something to do with the bar hours.

We were each given a raffle ticket at the door. Phillip wanted to buy more. The last time he did that, $20 got him a strip of tickets as long as once around the seller’s chest. Last night, he bought $20 worth of tickets, and received a strip three times around the seller’s chest. He ended up with a lot raffle tickets.

It was no surprise that Phillip won twice in the raffle – both times, it was a pair of tickets to upcoming burlesque shows. When the MC (a friend of Phillip’s) saw how many tickets Phillip was carrying around, she gave him some friendly teasing about it. So, after his second win, Phillip tore the remaining strip of tickets in half and threw them into the audience. One of the recipients Phillip’s tickets won the next drawing.

It was a great show, and I went to bed as soon as we got home.

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