Life In A Coastal Town

I love living in a coastal city¹. There is a wide mix of cultures and diversity here. I see wonderfully different clothing and hear such various languages as I walk through Seattle. I know people who would consider all this “strangeness” a hell. But I enjoy it.

There was a woman in a hijab, a couple of seats ahead of me on the 47 this morning, speaking non-stop on a cell phone in a language I couldn’t identify. I decided, for the fun of it, to see if I could identify her language. It was an impossible task, of course. I’m no linguist, and I speak only 1.3 languages. But I thought I’d give it a try.

It was a soft language, like French. but I decided it wasn’t French. A couple of times, I thought I heard something that sounded Spanish. It definitely wasn’t Spanish, however. A couple of syllables sounded German, but that wasn’t it, either. It didn’t sound like an African or Asian language.

As we approached Convention Place Station, I think I got it. She was speaking Russian – or, at least, a Russian-related language, like Georgian or Ukrainian.

Eavesdropping on the bus is fun.

We got to Westlake Station and the woman in the hijab stood up. I discovered that she wasn’t the one speaking on the cell phone – it was the woman in the seat ahead of her. She wasn’t wearing a hijab, either – she was wearing a black hoodie.

As I walked out of our apartment this morning, on my way to the bus stop, I passed a car2go with a green light flashing in the card reader. Back when I was walking to work every day, happening upon an available car2go would have been amazing and thrilling. These days, there is little incentive for me to grab a car2go to work, or to home. There are plenty of buses, and my employer is paying for my ORCA card.

I looked out of my office window early this morning and saw two cars2go parked in the exact spots I’d seen cars2go yesterday. Out of curiosity, I opened the car2go map. Both were available, so they likely weren’t the same cars2go from yesterday.  One had a frowny face, a smiley face, and a 42% full tank. The other had two smiley faces and a 100% full tank.

An hour or so later, both cars2go were still there (it’s unusual for a car2go to sit Downtown for long) and they were joined by a third car2go on the same block.

A little while later, only one car2go remained – the one with the 100% full tank. It sat there for most of the morning. I imagined it feeling rejected and unloved. I felt sad for it.

Just before lunchtime, I looked out the window, and the car2go was gone. I felt better.

¹Seattle is a hundred miles from the coast.

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