Discovering Stuff

An intriguing offer arrived in my (physical) mailbox this week: Two free issues of One Story magazine, and, of course, the ability to cancel my subscription if I don’t like them.  I don’t know if I should be calling it a “magazine”, and that’s the intriguing part. Every three weeks, should I decided to subscribe, One Story will send me a short story. That’s it: One short story, for a dollar each. There’s nothing else in the publication, it says, not even advertisements. I’ve never heard of a format like this before.

This evening, I dropped One Story’s return post card in the mail. I’ll give it a shot.

Phillip and I met Lynn at The Crest Theater this afternoon for a $3 showing of Divergent.

I guessed that we would want to get something to eat after the show, and I don’t know the Ridgecrest area very well, so this morning, I took a look at Google Maps. We’ve been to The Crest many times, and I tend to think of it as being in the middle of nowhere. (It’s a largely residential area, with no shopping districts that I know of.) It is not in the middle of nowhere, of course, as I discovered when I took a good look at the area and got a sense of how things are connected. It’s off the main roads, for sure, but close to Hamlin Park, close to the shopping area at 145th & 15th, not too far from Lake City/Bothell Way, Aurora Ave, and so on.

I didn’t see much in the way of nearby restaurants, however. So I did a search for “best restaurants in Shoreline”. One place caught my attention, although I don’t think of it as being “in Shoreline”. It’s called Flo-Anna’s Diner. It’s on Bothell Way, just north of 145th. It’s next to a cemetery (which is always a good recommendation for a restaurant). I’m sure I’ve seen it many times on our trips up north, and just never noticed it. It looked like an old-style, basic diner – which could be good, could be bad, but worth a try.

I knew I’d forget the name “Flo-Anna” when it would come to suggesting it after the movie. I thought about writing it down, but I didn’t. I kept repeating the name until it stuck in my memory.

I couldn’t remember anything I’d heard about Divergent, so I went in with no preconceptions. Lynn knew quite a bit about it. Phillip is reading the books.

I wasn’t crazy about Divergent. I didn’t think the story was believable when I thought about it realistically, and when I thought about it as an allegory, it wasn’t all that interesting. I hated the music throughout the movie. Pop music doesn’t fit with dystopian science fiction.

Phillip called it “a good adaptation.”

Afterwards, Lynn wasn’t interested in eating, but she was interested in coffee. So we walked over to Cafe Aroma and had nice conversations.

After we said goodbye to Lynn, Phillip was interested in eating. I told him I’d found what may or may not be a good diner – and I forgot the name. The closest I could come to it was “Sue-Flora”, or something like that. Phillip was up for trying it.

Flo-Anna’s Diner was very good. It had a standard diner menu, with a few surprises, with standard prices. I had a tough time choosing between a Greek Burger and “Flo-Anna’s Burger.” I ordered Flo-Anna’s Burger (hamburger, bacon, fried egg, grilled onions, and mushrooms) and fries. Phillip was going to order the Greek Burger, but at the last minute changed his mind and ordered a Greek frittata and hash browns.

Except for the frustration of several road work detours between Capitol Hill and Ridgecrest, which made us ten minutes late meeting Lynn at The Crest, it was a good day of discoveries.

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