Technology Is Amazing

Yesterday, at Flo-Anna’s, Phillip and I passed the time between ordering and eating by reading Trivial Pursuit cards.  Every table had a little dish of 20 or 30 cards. We saw this sort of setup at a restaurant in Port Angeles once. I think it’s a neat idea.

Today, after a morning in the busy laundromat, Phillip and I went to lunch at IHOP. The servers recognize us in that place. We didn’t see the usual crowd of “church women” this Sunday afternoon, but it was quite busy. I thought, as I looked around me, that although IHOP seems to have downplayed the “International” from their name, the staff and customers are keeping the world’s diversity well represented.

In-between placing our order and the arrival of our food, our server brought us an assortment of hot sauces and a bottle of Heinz ketchup.  On the back of the Heinz bottle was a QR code. If we had a smart phone, we could have downloaded a Heinz Trivial Pursuit game and could have passed the time reading Trivial Pursuit cards.

Technology is amazing.

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