The Long Way Home

I caught a 10 bus up to Seattle Central Community College (having just missed the 49) after work today. Phillip was going to meet me there for the Trans Pride march and rally. As the bus was making its way up the hill, Phillip sent me a text message: Marvel Heroes was doing an update, and when it was done, he’d meet me there.

While I was taking someone’s photo for them, and trying to figure out how their phone worked, I heard my cell phone ringing. Guessing that it was Phillip calling to say he was on his way, I let it ring and continued to take the stranger’s photo for them.

I was right. The voice mail message said that the update was taking longer than expected, so he was going to leave it running and will be there shortly.

Phillip found me in the crowd. It was a fantastic turnout. We marched down Broadway, to Pike Street, circled back on 11th, and ended at the rally in Cal Anderson Park.

After the rally, Phillip and I walked over to Lost Lake for dinner. We had an Amazon Deal. It was a strangely worded coupon: “Two entrées and two beers for dinner.” The fine print said that it was a $24 value. (We’d paid $12 for it.)

Our server let Phillip, who is not a beer drinker, substitute a hard cider to go with his corned beef hash and eggs. I had a beer and a Swiss mushroom burger. We knew it would come to more than $24 dollars. We almost always pay a little extra with our Groupons and Amazon Deals.

When our dinners were through, and our plates were taken away, the server came to our table and said, “You’re good, guys. Have a good night.”

I guess the Amazon Deal was exactly as worded.

We didn’t know what our check would have come to if we had had one, so we left our server a $7 tip and hoped that covered it.

Then we walked next door to the newly renovated Comet Tavern to check out the pinball games. It looked just like I remembered it. There was one difference, though. There was a little doorway leading to what looked like another room with a second bar area. We walked through the doorway and looked around. It took us a moment to realize we were back in Lost Lake. The Comet Tavern and Lost Lake are now connected to each other, for some reason.

We played some pinball and had a beer and a hard cider. Then we walked over to the bus stop. We just missed a 49, but OneBusAway told us there was another 49 in 5 minutes. (The 49 we missed was very much behind schedule.)

We got home at 9:30 at night. I was still wearing the clothes I’d worn to work, and I was still carrying my messenger bag.

It’s been a long day.

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