Code Words

Yesterday, Phillip asked me, “So, do you want to go get some free food, and same more tote bags, at QFC tomorrow?”

I knew, immediately, that he was referring to the Capitol Hill Pride Festival on Broadway, where, among other booths and events, QFC gives out free food samples and coupons. That wasn’t the reason we were going, of course. It’s just that families develop their own language and code words.

Yesterday, at the Trans Pride event, Phillip and I both participated in a health survey for King County. In return, we both received $5 gift cards from Starbucks. We brought our cards to the festival.

We decided to make Starbucks our first stop, which worked out perfectly, because just as we reached the Starbucks front door, it started pouring down rain. While we waited for our orders, the downpour stopped.

It was still raining slightly when we exited Starbucks. Eventually, it stopped raining altogether.

We had a great time at the festival, walking up and down Broadway, looking at booths, running into friends, but mostly people-watching.

We came home with two tote bags full of free samples from QFC.

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