Free Potstickers

Phillip called in sick today. Toward the end of the day, he sent me a text message, asking me to bring home some spicy chicken teriyaki.

There are two teriyaki places close to home that we like. I could take the 43 home, and be next to Chopsticks. Or I could take the 49 home and be next to Teriyaki & Wok. We like Teriyaki & Wok better. I like the 43 better than the 49 when it comes to getting home.

I decided to let the buses make the decision for me.

I got to Pike Street as a 49 was loading. So, Teriyaki & Wok it was.

I walked in, and the woman behind the counter immediately asked me, “Is he meeting you here?” (She doesn’t know our names, and we don’t know hers, but she knows us as customers, and knows what we like to order.)

I told her that “he” was sick, and I was bringing him home some dinner, since it’s too hot to cook in our kitchen. I ordered two spicy chicken teriyakis, with extra sauce for “him.”

We chatted a while about the weather, and what it was that made “him” sick.

The order came, she let me add extra sauce to the one, and she drew a heart on the container, so we could tell the two orders apart.

Then she added an order of pot stickers – “on the house” – because he was home sick.

That’s one reason I shop – and eat – locally whenever I can. I don’t get that kind of service at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Meanwhile, here’s something I find interesting: Google Chrome’s spellchecker doesn’t like the word “teriyaki”. It suggests “sukiyaki” instead. (I would imagine the former is used more commonly than the latter.) WordPress’ spellchecker doesn’t like the word “teriyaki”, either (it suggests either “terminak” or “Meraki”) – but it does like the word “Teriyaki.”

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