The Best Way To Watch A Movie

Phillip and I drove up to Arlington today, to spend the day hanging out with Pamela. Phillip and Pamela made another one of their “how many ingredients can we include” salads. The count varied each time they counted, but it was either 29 or 30 ingredients.

Pamela cooked a pork roast, and I learned how to slice it.

Nathan, who was in the process of buying a car, kept popping in and out of the house.

While the pork roast was cooking, we watched one of the DVDs Pamela had borrowed from Netflix: How I Live Now. I had never heard of this movie. (Phillip tells me we’ve seen the trailer, but I don’t remember it.) I love watching a movie unfold without any idea of where the story is going. The experience was made even better by watching the story unfold with Pamela and Phillip.

How I Live Now starts out with an American teenager, named Daisy, sent by her estranged, widowed father to live with her Aunt and cousins in rural England. There’s heavy security at the airport when Daisy lands, and a television is playing news coverage of a terrorist attack in Paris. A cousin picks Daisy up at the airport and drives her to the family property.

Daisy is unhappy, convinced that she is cursed, and obsessed with germs. She remains distant from her cousins, and refuses to join in the family activities. For a long time, the aunt is never seen – she’s in the house, but rarely leaves her room.

There were several directions I thought this story could be going. Was it a tale of romance unfolding? Was there going to be some supernatural bond between the oldest cousin and Daisy? Was it going to be a simple tale of a girl learning to finally enjoy life? Was there something sinister going on in the house? What role will the terrorist attacks play in he overall story?

The story took a turn that I did not see coming.

I liked How I Live Now a lot.

After salad and pork roast, we sat watched the second of Pamela’s DVDs: A Simple Plan. Phillip and I had both seen it, but several years ago. Pamela had never seen it. There was were parts of the movie I had completely forgotten. Part of the problem, I think, was that my memories were confusing it was Blood Simple. It was fun getting re-acquainted with this great film, and even more fun listening to Pamela trying to guess where the story was going.

It’s been a great, laid back, day.

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