All Over The Place

On my way to work this morning, I saw a southbound bus (124, maybe) displaying its destination as Tukwila Station. I remembered that when I moved to Seattle in the early 1980’s, Metro Transit seemed to be operating on the idea that everyone wanted to go to Downtown Seattle. If you took a bus to get anywhere, you got there via Downtown Seattle. I didn’t like that idea, and I was pleased to later see routes like the 8 and 9 show up to get away from the central hub plan.

Now, it seems to me, Metro is operating on the idea that everyone wants to get to a light rail station. Bus routes are deemed redundant if they go where Link is going. Routes or shortened or lengthened to meet a station. I don’t like it. That’s not a new thought for me. I was merely reminded of it this morning.

This post is all over the place.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Thursday, I was listening to my iPod Shuffle at work. It seemed that Rhoda Dakar was singing “I Can’t Stand It” as a solo piece. Then I could hear Terry Hall, very faintly, in the left ear bud. Another song came on, and I realized that I was getting barely any volume at all out of that left ear bud. I tried reversing the ear buds, to make sure my hearing wasn’t going. I tried plugging the headphones into my computer, to make sure the problem wasn’t with my iPod.

I emailed Phillip and told him I’m going to need to buy some new headphones. He offered to walk over to the Apple Store near his office, and pick some up for me, and I accepted his offer. (My headphones aren’t an Apple product, but I bought them there.)

Phillip reported back to me that the Apple Store no longer carries the brand he and I have, and the Apple headphones are way too expensive.

I stopped into Office Max on my way home. They don’t sell the style of headphones specific to the third generation iPod Shuffles.(Being such a compact design, the controls are on the headphone cord.) I came home and ordered a pair of headphones from Amazon. They were the same brand I had, but a slightly different design. I made sure they had the iPod Shuffle controls.

The next day, Phillip loaned me his headphones.

On Monday, I returned to my own headphones, making do with the lopsided sound.

On Tuesday, my headphones were working perfectly again. I emailed Phillip, and he pointed out what I had been thinking: I didn’t know how long they’d continue working. I decided that, when the new headphones arrived, I’d keep the old pair as a backup.

The delivery of the new headphones was scheduled for Thursday, but, since I continue to live in a delivery vortex, they arrived on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the old pair continued to work just fine.

I opened the package at home, and was dismayed to discover that the new headphones have hard ear buds, unlike the soft ear buds the old pair have. I didn’t notice that in the photo on Amazon.

I tried out the new headphones at work on Thursday and, just as I predicted, I had trouble getting them situated in my ears. I’d get them in wrong, and it would sound like the speakers were 20 feet away. Or, I’d turn my head and they’d fall out. I was adjusting them all day.

Today, I’m back to the old headphones, which are still working perfectly well, and I’m keeping the new pair as a backup.

I realized this morning, with a bit of horror, that I hadn’t opened a book once during the whole four-day weekend. I brought my eReader to Pamela’s house on Sunday, in case she needed Phillip’s help with some paperwork, but didn’t need it. I blame Kerbal Space Program for keeping me away from books.

I’m still making my way through the eBook versions of Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) and Life of Pi. On Sunday, after we got home, I put the eBook version of How I Live Now on hold at the library.

In Kerbal Space Program, I’m now trying to figure out a good fuel design. Either a rocket I’ve designed is so heavy with fuel that I can’t get it into orbit, or I get it into orbit, and there’s no fuel left to make orbit maneuvers. It’s a learning process.

I currently have four satellites orbiting Kerbin, with no way to control their orbits. I have one “deep space explorer” which I launched directly away from Kerbin, just to see what would happen. It kept going out of the Kerbol system until Kerbol’s gravity caught it. It’s now orbiting Kerbol. (Kerbol is the sun.) I have another “deep space explorer” which I’d hoped to launch into a highly elliptical orbit past the mun (Kerbin’s moon) to see how many close encounters occured. It never made it to the mun’s orbit, and it’s orbiting Kerbin.

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