Two More Books

My coworker on First Hill planned a vacation for tomorrow and Friday. Of course, it’s up to me to cover for him. The system has changed a bit over there, so I’d planned on coordinating with him this afternoon, going over what’s changed and what hasn’t.

I got into work this morning and learned that my coworker had called in sick today. So I hopped a 3 bus up the hill and winged it.

Then, when the morning was finished, I walked down the hill, back to my desk.

I’m going to be winging it for the next two days.

A few months ago (I’m guessing) I read about a free history lecture in Astoria, Oregon. I love that city, and I would have loved to attend the lecture. Of course, it wouldn’t quite be worth a three-hour drive. So, I did the next best thing: I looked for the book featured in the lecture at The Seattle Public Library.

The library had the book – Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire: A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival, by Peter Stark – in the catalog. There were something like 150 holds on 32 copies, and available for in-library use only. (This must be some book.)

The library also had the eBook version. There were something like 65 holds on 10 copies.

I put the eBook on hold, and waited.

Then, last weekend, Phillip and I saw the movie How I Live Now at Pamela’s house. I loved it so much that I looked for the book, by Meg Rosoff, at the library. There were something like 10 holds on 13 copies. The eBook had something like 5 holds on 3 copies.

I put the eBook on hold, and waited.

Both Astoria and How I Live Now became available for download last night. I uploaded them to my eReader when I got home today.

Now, in addition to the two books underway, and all the other books waiting to be started, I have two more books to read over the next 21 days.

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