I Work In An Office, Most Of The TIme

I caught a 60 bus to First Hill this morning. The poor bus driver discovered, as we turned onto Madison Street, that the “Stop Requested” signal wasn’t working. She called it in to Dispatch. Then, a block or two later, she realized that the lights above the front doors were staying on. She called Dispatch back and told them she thought the problem was that the front doors weren’t closing all the way. She took this all with a sense of humor.

She called out to the passengers, “Listen, y’all. The bell isn’t working, so if you want a stop, stand up by the door or give me a shout out.”

Then she added, “Why do I always get the broken buses?”

After I winged my way through the morning on First Hill, I walked down the hill for a meeting Downtown. Then it was time for me to go to the University District.

OneBusAway told me I’d have a 38 minute wait for the 25 bus. So I rode a 3 bus back up First Hill and caught an employee shuttle to the U District.

Fridays in the U District are back – at least for the remainder of this month.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the U District. Then I caught a 43 home.

The 43 was full, but not packed. There were empty seats, but no empty pairs of seats. I took a seat in a sideways seat in the back.

There was a woman a seat ahead of me, across the aisle. She was dressed as if she works in an office, but in a casual sort of way. She’d been there since the U District.

At the top of Capitol Hill, a guy got on and sat next to the woman. He was dressed as if he’d been doing some manual labor.

The guy turned to the woman and said, “Sorry if I smell” (I didn’t hear what the next few words were) “I’ve been working outside.”

The woman gave him a brief smile and relied, “You smell like dried fruit.”

The guy chuckled and said, “Then I guess it’s OK, then.”

The two had no further interaction. The guy exited the bus a few stops later.

It struck me as an odd conversation for two strangers to have.

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