Whichever Came First

I got to the top of the stairs leading down to the Westlake Station platform this morning, as a southbound Link train was boarding. If I ran down the stairs, I might have made it. I’ve made it a rule to never run for buses, and I suppose that should apply to trains as well.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, the doors closed and the train went on its way. I was in no hurry, but I decided not to wait seven-and-a-half minutes for the next train. (I prefer the train over a bus, but I don’t prefer it that much.)

I walked toward the far end of the platform, and reached the end just as a 41 arrived. The bus was crowded, and I found a seat in the accordion section – my least favorite place to sit in a bus. (There’s no view.)

I exited at Pioneer Square Station, and walked toward the escalator at the other end of the platform. Then I saw that there was another 41 right behind mine. It would have been a lot less crowded. Oh, well.

I’ve decided that what Mariah said at Writers’ Group is correct. (When a person has seen a movie based on a book, and has also read the book, they tend to prefer the version they were exposed to first.) I am still enjoying the book How I Live Now a lot, but I miss the sense of mystery and the feeling of isolationism that the movie conveyed. In the book, the kids make regular visits to the nearby village and hear all the news about how the war is going.

Meanwhile, John Jacob Astor is still in New York. I wonder if he’ll get to the Pacific coast before Astoria returns itself to the library.

3 thoughts on “Whichever Came First

  1. Oh, weird. I was just thinking about this yesterday. Meaning, loyalty to first exposure. If I’ve read the book, I’ll watch the movie and dislike it. But, if I’ve seen the movie – I won’t read the book.

    Weird that you wrote about this topic. Do I hear the Twilight Zone theme playing?

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