Iced Lattes

As I was going up in New Orleans, in the 1960s, my family drank iced coffee. I started drinking coffee – hot and iced – at a very early age.

My family moved to Bellevue, Washington in 1973. I went to college in Ellensburg, Washington, starting in 1977.

I have a memory of being in the college cafeteria with a couple of friends. My friends thought I was being funny when I took a glass, filled it halfway with coffee, filled it most of the rest of the way with milk, and added ice. I remember the cashier being very confused by the concoction. She may have charged me for a regular cup of coffee – I don’t remember. I realized, then, that no one outside of The South had seen iced coffee.

These days, of course, people drink espresso, and iced lattes are commonplace. I rarely drink iced lattes, though, for the sole reason that I tend to drink them too fast. It seems like a waste of a good latte to finish it in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, my taste for iced lattes has returned. This is because of Seattle’s heat wave. Iced lattes are making a lot of sense.

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