Mun Gets Closer – A Lot Closer

I decided, this evening, to take my lander out of Kerbin orbit and see how close to Mun I’d get until I’d have to terminate the flight and experiment some more. (Maybe I need more thrust on the first stage?)

I lined the ship up, and fired full throttle when Mun appeared over the horizon.

Just as I feared, correcting a very bad orbit, several times, had drained the fuel tanks too much. The second stage ran out of fuel long before the orbit created a Mun encounter. Oh, well.

Then I had an idea.

I ditched the second stage, and fired the lander’s engine.

Taking an idea from someone’s CasaVoid’s YouTube video, I’d built the lander with an extra-large diameter fuel tank – the Rockomax X200-8, I think – to give the landing legs a wide footprint and, therefore, more stability.

The lander achieved a Mun encounter. Then an orbital maneuver created an orbit. Then a second orbital maneuver created a pretty much circular orbit. Then a third orbital maneuver created a smaller orbit. And my orbiter still has plenty of fuel.

It wasn’t how I’d planned on getting to Mun, but I got there.

I shut down the game with my lander orbiting Mun at 12-15 kilometers. Part of me wants to rush back and land the thing. Part of me is scared of crashing the thing, after all this work. I’m quick-saving often, but I still don’t want to crash my beautiful lander.

One thought on “Mun Gets Closer – A Lot Closer

  1. Well done! I tend to over-engineer everything in the game to give me lots of spare fuel for course corrections. As you learn more, you figure out that the more accurate your transfer burn, the more fuel you save later.

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