Northacres Park

Last night, Phillip and I saw another great show at the Re-Bar. It was called “Worlds’ End Burlesque Review: An Evening Inspired by the Works of Neil Gaiman.”

I was in a much better mood to enjoy the show, compared with last week. It was cooler outside, and cooler inside the Re-Bar. I may have enjoyed the show just  a little more if I was more knowledgeable about the works of Neil Gaiman. There is so much of his work that I know about, but have never read (American Gods, for instance). I am a huge fan of the “Sandman” series, and Death (my favorite of The Endless) made two appearances – first as a solo act, and then later as a duet with her brother Dream.

After the show, we decided to avoid driving around looking for food, like last week, and have dinner at La Cocina, on Broadway.

This morning, on our way to the Aurora picnic in Northacres Park, Phillip proposed an idea: What if we drop our cable and landline telephone accounts?

I was more agreeable to life without cable TV. We never watch TV anymore. I will miss Northwest Cable News in the morning, but that’s not worth the cost of a month’s cable bill.

I was more reluctant to a life without a landline. It serves mainly as a spam filter for us. We hardly ever phone people, and people hardly ever phone us. The problem is that when we do phone someone, our apartment has lousy cell phone reception. If you get too far away from the windows, our cell phones lose all signal strength.

Still, these are things to consider.

Phillip and I used to do a lot of geocaching in Northacres Park. It has a lot of area left wild, which made for good geocaching. Just for fun, I looked at the geocaching map before we left this morning. There was only one cache in the entire park, and it was a micro. We didn’t bother going after it.

We got to the park, and the parking lot was full. So we followed the signs to an overflow parking lot on the opposite side of the park. I was carrying a bulky deli tray, and Phillip was carrying a couple of bags of games. I wasn’t looking forward to the long trek through the woods to the other side of this large park.

In no time, we were at the picnic site. The park felt a lot smaller than I’d remembered it. (I learned, later, that Phillip had thought the same thing.)

I took a solo walk during the picnic. I realized that the park was the same size – but the natural area is a whole lot smaller. It hadn’t occurred to me when we first arrived, but that overflow parking lot wasn’t there the last time we were at the park. The sports fields weren’t there, either.

There’s a water feature that wasn’t there before. That circular area that contained that fiendish geocache which took us several attempts to Find is now a developed playground.

It’s been a long time since we’d been to Northacrea Park, until today. It’s been a long time since we’d geocached on a regular basis.

It was a fun picnic, with lots of friends and much more food than we could all eat.

The weather was overcast, windy, and it felt like it might start raining at any moment. But, remembering our recent heat wave, it was perfect weather for a picnic.

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