Home Again, Home Again

Last night, as I was chugging down some Pepto Bismol, Phillip suggested that I take another day off from work. But I didn’t follow his advise.

I’ve had two kinds of jobs in my life: One in which I’ve been reluctant to take a day off, afraid that I’ll miss something important (or, at least, interesting), and one in which I’ve been reluctant to take a day off, afraid that it’ll make it that much easier to call in sick the next time I don’t feel like going into work. My current job is in the former category.

Not long into my day, it was apparent that I should have followed Phillip’s advice. I was glad that my desk is close to the bathroom. I took a break and got a smoothie from Emerald City Smoothie, but it didn’t help. My supervisor was out of the office all day, and my coworkers did an excellent job of helping out with my workload yesterday.

Three and a half hours into the day, I told our acting supervisor that I was going home.

Since it was the middle of a workday, there were many cars2go to choose from. None of them were situated for a quick exit out of Downtown. (I didn’t need a car2go.) So I walked over to Third and caught a 3 “Downtown Only”.

At Seneca Street, a guy stuck his head in the door and asked the driver if she was going to Seattle Center. No, she replied, I’m Downtown Only. The guy argued, “But the sign says…” (Why do people do that?) The driver didn’t let him finish, and repeated that she’s Downtown Only. The guy got on anyway, saying he’ll ride as far as she’s going. (I wonder what his reaction was when he discovered the bus was going only three blocks farther.)

I got to 4th & Pike. OneBusAway told me I’d have to wait 17 minutes for a 47, 12 minutes for a 43, and that a 49 was arriving “Now”. I could, indeed, see the 49 a block away. I took the 49.

I noticed that the audio stop announcement on the 49 said: “Seattle Central College”. I’d read that Seattle Central Community College was looking into dropping the “Community” from their name, to give it more prestige, but, as far as I know, it’s still a part of the name. Maybe Metro knows something I don’t.

Since I was taking the 49 home, and thus walking home from Broadway, I stopped into the Capitol Hill branch library, to glance at their DVD collection.

I ended up checking out the complete DVD set of the American version of Max Headroom. I used to love that show when it was on the air, and haven’t seen it since. I have fond memories of it. (I loved the pre-debit card “credit sticks”, and lines like “I remember hearing about [movie theaters] in history class. Imagine a room full of people all looking at the same screen at the same time.”)

Yet, when I read articles reminiscing about Max Headroom, it sounds like I’m remembering the show all wrong. So, now I’ll be able to see how good my memory is.

So, now I’m home sick for the afternoon.

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