And Yet Another Option

I am excited about the Pronto bike sharing program coming to Seattle. I don’t plan on using it, but I’m always excited about new transit options. (Of course, I said that same thing about car2go and look at me now.)

I do consider Pronto and car2go to be transit options. They’re not mass transit – carrying just one or two people at a time – but they are ways to move the public around town.

Zipcar doesn’t feel like a transit option to me. It lacks the spontaneity of a bus, a train, a taxi, car2go or Pronto – at least for those of us without a smart phone app. Plus, you don’t use Zipcar to get somewhere – you use it to get somewhere and back. I see Zipcar as an excellent car alternative, but not transit.

I am surprised that a Pronto station is planned for our neighborhood – within a block of our apartment, actually. I don’t see much bicycle activity on the I-5 Shores. Maybe Pronto knows something I don’t.

Coincidentally, our neighborhood Pronto station is going in at the exact spot where I first saw a non-demo car2go.

Meanwhile, Phillip is still in need of a belt, but I have a USB splitter. I caught a 49 home today and stopped off at the Broadway Market Amazon Locker.

While I was placing my order at Amazon, I added a keyboard to my cart. It’s more compact, and a whole lot lighter, than the massive button-for-everything-on-the-internet keyboard I’d been using as a substitute for the broken laptop keyboard. It’s the size of the keyboard I have at work – a keyboard I like – and, I’ve just discovered, it’s almost exactly the same size as the laptop keyboard.

I forgot to write this yesterday, but I saw a guy at the corner of 3rd & Pike loudly hawking marijuana. “Marijuana! Get your bag of marijuana here!” Marijuana is legal in Seattle, but selling it on a street corner is not. It probably wasn’t marijuana, either.

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