Doughnuts And Opportunity

Soon after Phillip left this morning, and I was about to leave, I felt the sudden need for an iced latte. I might have had time to stop by our neighborhood Top Pot and still catch the 47. I decided to not risk it.

I went to the Top Pot on 3rd Avenue, Downtown. There was a line of about six or seven customers. It’s usual to see a line that long at that Top Pot. I took my place in line.

A man came in the door with a Starbucks coffee cup in his hand. He drank down the rest of his drink, tossed his cup into Top Pot’s trash can, and took his place in line behind me.

It seemed odd to me that someone would buy coffee from a coffee shop and then walk to another coffee shop before their drink was finished. While I was trying to figure that out, I realized that no one in line ahead of me was buying coffee. They were all buying doughnuts – either individual doughnuts or boxes of doughnuts.

I’ve always thought of Top Pot as a coffee shop that sells doughnuts. I realized this morning that it’s a doughnut shop that sells coffee. They advertise their “hand forged doughnuts” – not the coffee they serve. Even if you buy your espresso from Starbucks, you go to Top Pot to buy their doughnuts. This, I suppose, is especially true Downtown, on a Thursday morning, when people pick up doughnuts for their office.

As I waited in line, I considered adding a glazed ring to my iced latte. Ultimately, I stuck with just an iced latte.

When I got close to the cash register, I discovered why the line was so unusually long. Their credit card reader wasn’t working, and they were making do with an old-fashioned carbon paper, mechanical card imprinter.

When I got to work, I found that a supervisor had brought in two dozen Top Pot doughnuts for our group.

This afternoon, an interesting job opened up within our group. (Someone is transferring to another group within the company.) This evening, after I got home, I updated my resumé and applied for this job.

I don’t need a new job. I’m happy with the one I have now. But it could be an opportunity for advancement – or just a change. Or, I could find out the job’s not as interesting as I thought. It could be merely an opportunity to talk with the folks in HR, or to polish my interview skills. Who knows?


3 thoughts on “Doughnuts And Opportunity

  1. I love new options, like a new job. My saying about these things: Let the fates decide.

    We need more doughnuts here. Someone would do well to open a good doughnut shop in this town.

    Ah, there’s a new opportunity right there 🙂

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